HSSE Policy Statement

Shanahan Engineering has operated as a world-class power generation company since 1979 and is responsible for the delivery and start-up of some of the world’s largest power stations in our industry.

Shanahan Engineering is committed to achieving its vision for HSE excellence by striving to deliver the highest standards of health, safety, and environmental performance. This policy statement defines our commitments to our employees, clients, partners, shareholders, the community, and all other interested parties.

The company has conducted detailed risk assessments and implement mitigation measures to protect against the COVID-19 pandemic, this has been completed for our Dublin Office and based on the phase return advised by the Irish Government and all guidance provided to date by the HSA.

 We will deliver our operations and services in ways to:

  • Protect the health of all people.
  • Prevent incidents and injuries so that everyone can return home unharmed.
  • Focus on the control of hazards with extra emphasis on major risks.
  • Minimize adverse environmental impact and use resources efficiently.
  • Assure the integrity of our assets and those of our customers.

 We will achieve this by ensuring:

  • A commitment to consultation & participation of workers and where they exist a worker’s representative.
  • Eliminate Hazards trough risk assessments and reducing overall risks.
  • Leaders at all levels place health, safety and environment at the top of their agenda
  • Prevent work related accidents & ill health
  • Leaders implement, maintain, and contribute to the improvement of the company HSE Management System
  • Leaders shall promote the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment at all times.
  • Risks are routinely identified, mitigated, and controlled.
  • Clear annual objectives are established, and we measure our performance against them.
  • We understand and comply with industry requirements.
  • We train our people to improve their knowledge and skills.
  • Incidents are monitored and investigated, with action taken to prevent recurrence.
  • Those who work with us meet our standards.
  • Leaders perform regular review of the program, historical data, and other information to develop improvements to the HSE Management System and the workplace environment.
  • No employee shall put him/herself at risk during his/her assignment.
  • Leaders shall promote “No At Risk Behavior” policy at all times


We will regularly monitor the application of these commitments to provide assurance that we are delivering continuous improvement and progressively working toward achieving our vision for HSE excellence. This policy shall be reviewed and communicated periodically to ensure applicability, awareness and support, both internally and externally.

Kevin McCarthy, Vice President

Date: 23/01/2024


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