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About us

Company Culture and Ethos


It marks who we are and what we do. Even better, all five elements were selected and defined by our employees.

We live and demonstrate Our Ethos with one another, our customers, and our communities, enabling us to create our one-team culture.


    Curating a culture where everyone is protected from danger, risk, or injury, we remain constantly aware of the working environment and always look out for each other. To this end, we provide our people with the knowledge, tools, and training to recognize hazards and prevent accidents.


    To meet or exceed the expectations of our internal and external customers, we take a systematic approach to delivering EthosEnergy’s business requirements. We achieve this by embodying a culture of innovation and continuous improvement to provide customer value-add and satisfaction over the long term.


    A team united by a common culture feels a sense of belonging. Striving to perform at the highest levels to achieve success through a shared set of beliefs, we encourage mutual respect and feelings of being valued throughout the business.


    We manage our assets and risks in a productive manner that is in the best interests of the company and our customers. This involves creating value for our stakeholders by ensuring we manage our cash and costs effectively, getting paid a fair price for work performed, and providing timely and accurate financial information.


    The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles allows us to always do the right thing. We all remain accountable and act responsibly as company representatives, and we display internal consistency and a lack of corruption.