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Project Management Services

Power Plant Project Management

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Our highly skilled project and site management teams hit the ground running at all stages of your power plant’s construction.

With extensive experience managing energy generation projects for a variety of clients and power plant types, we ensure you reach your end goal of delivering safe and sustainable energy.

With our extensive cross-industry expertise and an extensive library of processes and procedures, we identify issues quickly and implement innovative solutions to ensure your power generation project is always in safe hands.


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"To the benefit of the Project, Shanahan mobilised very quickly, as was the requirement, using a relatively small, focused team with a highly experienced supervisor. The work was completed in a timely manner and at an efficient cost. It is our intention to work with the Shanahan team for the re-commissioning of this GE6B gas turbine package, near Lagos, Nigeria. "

Eur Ing Mike Eyre CEng FEI

General Manager, Energease Power & Steam Services