Our Innovation

Innovation is at the heart of all we do.  As a global power generation company competing in international markets, we understand the critical importance of continually improving our efficiencies and effectiveness.  

Our innovative processes and management techniques have been shown to drive down costs and improve productivity for our clients. For us, innovation does not always mean devising unique ways of working.  Our project teams are encouraged and empowered to come up with ideas and solutions for our clients, across all aspects of the business.

Taking an innovative approach to all that we do also means that we are open to adapting smart methodologies and business systems that have proven to be successful in other industries. Here are just a few examples of innovation at work within Shanahan Engineering:

SWIPE (Supervision Worker Interface and Performance Evaluation)

Accessing real-time data on project labour usage, efficiencies, productivity and work performed has always proved to be a challenge. By the time hand-written forms are collected on site, inputted into a database and formatted, reports generated are often not as current as they should be.  To solve this challenge, Shanahan Engineering has developed and implemented a proprietary system called SWIPE, a smartphone application for foremen, supervisors and workers to use to scan in each morning, and scan out each evening. 

Using the check-in/check-out SWIPE application facilitates and encourages real time data through an SMS data transfer system.  The information generated can then be used by management to make informed decisions that ultimately lead to significant cost savings for our clients.
Implementing SWIPE across Shanahan Engineering projects:

  • Improves the utilisation of labour on large construction projects
  • Leads to better efficiencies and reductions in cost
  • Provides management with real-time information on workforce output
  • Provides end-of-day progress updates
  • Identifies delays and records impacts
  • Improves job card man-hour allocation and data collection
  • Reduces foreman paperwork

The SWIPE system is now integrated with Shanahan Engineering’s new Job Card Implementation system (see below) to generate a traceable code for every job card.  This allows management to receive daily updates on what job cards are being used and what job cards are not being worked on.

Job Card Implementation system / Task Defined Workflow Management system

Shanahan Engineering’s new Job Card Procedure is the primary means of managing activities for all project resources, plant, materials and equipment.  In short, it is the tool to manage all activities executed on a weekly basis on site. 

The new Job Card format has been amended to incorporate a clear scope definition, job duration, manpower qualifications and the number of people working on each activity. The new layout includes projected manpower and projected hours for the supervisors to plan against. 
Combined with the data received from SWIPE, the new Job Card format provides more detailed analysis, accountability, planning and resource allocation to allow ongoing reviews and communication with all stakeholders.  

Sprint Planning Meetings

Shanahan Engineering’s innovative Sprint Planning Meeting policy has been in place across all projects since 2011 in order to improve work planning, communication and accountability, and to ensure deadlines are met.

The Sprint Planning Meeting is a meeting attended by owners of different elements of a project and is led by a scrum master (usually the project manager).  The meeting takes place at the end of the day and involves reporting on daily progress. This progress is actual numerical and is measured against planned numerical for that day as per the schedule. 

This information is then tracked to confirm that the project is progressing as per the schedule and focuses only on the critical path.  Work for the next day is then discussed and a decision is made on what needs most focus.  Lastly roadblocks are discussed and an owner and a date to resolve each roadblock are recorded.

Diagnostic Reviews

With in-depth knowledge of the international power generation industry and management of large scale projects for OEMs in particular, Shanahan Engineering has the capability and experience to conduct diagnostic reviews of large projects as required.

Diagnostic reviews are performed on projects requiring a thorough examination of all aspects of the project, from quality to material handling to erection procedures.  These invaluable reviews shine a spotlight on potential project concerns such as cost overrun and schedule delays, and offer solutions to resolve these issues before they materialise.

To find out more about how Shanahan Engineering’s innovative approach can save you time and money, please contact our sales team. You can read further examples of our innovation in Our projects.


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