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Celebrating five years without any Lost Time Incidents

Shanahan Engineering has marked a significant milestone: five years without any Lost-Time Incidents (LTIs).  


During this five-year period the Shanahan teams have delivered 4,181,283 project hours worldwide, all without a single Lost Time Incident (LTI). This incredible accomplishment is a testament to the company's unwavering commitment to health and safety across every aspect of the organisation. 


Kevin McCarthy, Global Vice President, said: "Our team's dedication to ensuring the well-being of everyone involved in our projects – from our employees to subcontractors and clients – has been nothing short of exemplary. It's a reflection of our core values and a demonstration of what can be achieved when safety is prioritised above all else. 


"The most important metric for our company is ensuring that every person returns home at the end of each day; this milestone reaffirms our commitment to making that a reality." 


Shanahan Engineering has established a strong safety culture that is embedded in the company's culture and operational ethos. Through rigorous training, continuous improvement, and a culture of accountability, Shanahan Engineering has created an environment where safety is not just a priority but the cornerstone of its operations. 


Kevin continued: "I want to thank every member of our team, both on-site and in our offices around the world, for embracing our safety culture. Safety has been our guiding principle from our Leadership team to every individual working tirelessly on our projects. Our project leaders have led by example, instilling a culture of safety consciousness amongst our teams. Through their leadership, they have fostered an environment where safety is a priority and a core value guiding every decision and action taken on our projects. 


"To our clients and partners, thank you for entrusting us with your projects and embracing our uncompromising commitment to safety. Your collaboration has been invaluable in helping us create and maintain a safe working environment for everyone involved." 


Shanahan Engineering is a world leader in the power plant construction industry and is renowned for its commitment to safety and performance excellence. With a global presence and a track record of success, the company continues to lead the way in creating safe and efficient power plants. Recognising that safety is an ongoing journey, Shanahan Engineering remains dedicated to building a safer future, one project at a time. 


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