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Shanahan successfully lift Link Bridge - 5 weeks ahead of schedule

During our time on the Medupi Power Station, South Africa we have achieved many great milestones. We have even astonished the experts in the region with our performance. We reached the top of Boiler Six, 5 months ahead of schedule and have held records on the project for our steel member installations since mobilising in July 2011. Recently we completed the installation of the Coal Conveyor link bridge between boiler unit 4 and 5.

Most thought assembling this link bridge off site would not be feasible. However our Construction Manager felt this was the most plausible way of constructing the 900tonne Bridge.

 “I was called a mad English man when I first put forward my plans to pre-assemble link bridge 310 in three modules off site and transport to the boiler pad using SPMT trailers for erection” – Ged Flynn, SE Construction Manager, Medupi Power Station, South Africa

Module one consisted of over a 1,000 pieces of steelwork and weighed 405 tonne. Module two weighed 200 tonne and module three weighed 190 tonne. The total weight is approx. 900 tonnes.

Transportation to the site and the lifting of the bridge was scheduled to commence on June 20th 2014. On Saturday 17th May 2014, the bridge was lifted into position using 4 x 400 tonne strand jacks and placed it in its final position on Sunday morning reaching a height of 52metres. This achievement was 5 weeks ahead of schedule!

Well done to all involved and keep up the great work!!

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