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Case study

Dorad Energy

The Client

In November 2010, Wood Group GTS was awarded an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract valued at approximately $875m from Dorad Energy to build an 800MW natural gas fired power plant in the Middle East.

Shanahan Engineering, as a division of John Wood Group PLC, has full management responsibility for the combined-cycle plant, from civil construction through to commissioning and handover. The combined-cycle power plant will use 12 natural gas-fired GELM 6000 turbines connected to a heat-recovery steam generator that will provide steam to run two SKODA supplied steam turbines.


Firstly, Dorad was a green field site requiring significant earthworks and waste removal from the site. Secondly, there were delays in acquiring the correct construction permits in order to commence works. Thirdly, the designs for the plant were contracted to a company in Chicago and also to a number of local engineering companies which presented challenges regarding compliance with local regulations and standards, high levels of design complexity and materials specified that were not available locally. The plant has also a number of unique design parameters, leading to an as built concrete quantity in excess of 40,000m3. The plant design also consists of 3,600 tonnes of steel, in various pipe racks and structures.


In spite of the delays, by March 2011, Shanahan Engineering had developed an aggressive schedule to commence the civil works early. Due to the extremely tight deadlines, Shanahan Engineering mobilised five of its senior management team on-site to set up the project at the front end, and source reputable contractors from the local market.

Strict project management procedures have ensured that the construction phase has progressed well. Shanahan Engineering’s managing director is personally involved with the project and attends two meetings per week with the project team, where the focus is on weekly deliverables. Twice-weekly meetings also take place with the mechanical and electrical contractors in addition to daily management meetings to review progress and resolve issues. This intense management focus is what it takes to deliver a project in this environment.


The first major milestone was the completion and handover at the end of March 2012 of the Gas Insulated Switch Gear building, to allow ABB to install the gear. The building is constructed from 40 cm reinforced concrete and stands 19 meters tall. There is a cable basement, and control room annex. The next major milestone was the energisation of the GIS from the main grid, achieved in June 2013. Following this achievement all 12 turbines have reached initial fire with six generators synchronised to the grid. The project is thus on track for completion in December 2013.


"Shanahan Engineering was successful in the EPC execution of the Dorad 800 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant. This plant has been operating continuously since take over, with daily startup and shutdown, and maintains a high availability for Dorad Power as an IPP in Israel."
Eli Asulin, Dorad Energy Ltd