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Case Study

Langage Energy Centre

The Client

In 2008, Shanahan Engineering secured through a competitive bid process a project for a HRSG erection (and subsequent BOP repairs) for Alstom Power at Langage Energy Centre, UK. 

Shanahan Engineering had previously developed a strong relationship with Alstom by demonstrating its ability to complete projects on time, but this bid was won because of its pricing structure and a willingness to participate in a target cost contract.  The Langage project was specifically designed to portray an elegant exterior and therefore significant effort, time and investment was required for the design, procurement and erection of the façade. 


The main challenge faced by Alstom Power was issues relating to labour relations and industrial action. As the first mechanical contractor on site Shanahan Engineering was under close scrutiny from Alstom and this meant that the team had to identify and resolve these issues in order to ensure that the project could be completed on time and within budget. 

A second challenge was that the pipe work supplied was discovered to have many defects that needed to be repaired on site.  This mainly affected the BOP steam piping.  Shanahan Engineering, as a result of their efforts to build and complete the HRSGs to a very high quality standard, was also asked to carry out the repairs on all the pipe work. The HRSG was built in a 2m deep pit that presented a number of challenges on its erection.


Shanahan Engineering’s approach to the client is to always focus on communication and project completion.  Through detailed planning the team was able to complete the hydrotests on HRSG 1 in 7.5 days and HRSG 2 in 9 days. 

Technically Shanahan Engineering overcame the problem of the project being in a pit by working with Alstom to amend their construction procedure to solve this.  The project team was also empowered to come up with ideas and solutions as they arose.


The net result of the high quality work carried out on the HRSG by Shanahan Engineering was that the team was asked by Alstom to carry out the piping defect repairs on the Balance of Plant. In total there were only 2 weld repairs from over 16,500 welds on the pipe work, and that team is still requested for by name by Alstom for their ongoing projects. Also, the façade of HRSG, and indeed the entire plant, met the objective of looking pleasing to the eye, although it did affect progress and completion of works towards the end of the project, challenges which were successfully overcome by Shanahan Enginnering.