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Case Study

Denizli Power Project

The Client

In early 2011, Shanahan Engineering was engaged by METKA / Power Projects to provide professional Health & Safety (HSE) expertise at the Denizli CCPP power project in Turkey. Originally Shanahan Engineering had worked with METKA in Romania, where they had performed a HSE audit on one of METKA’s previous projects, who were impressed with Shanahan Engineering’s professional approach and results.

Shanahan Engineering was appointed due to its extensive knowledge and experience of working in HSE. METKA was excited to have Shanahan Engineering as their qualified professional HSE personnel, as it was an area where they had little previous experience.


The main challenge was the fact that the workforce was completely unaware of risk, so there had to be a root and branch review of all aspects of the project relating to HSE, in order to identify exactly how the workforce needed to be trained.  In addition METKA was facing severe delays on the project, due to this lack of knowledge of HSE.


The project team completed an audit to find a benchmark from where to begin and also to identify which issues would need to be solved first.

An IOSH managing safety training programme was developed and set up by Shanahan Engineering to train the workforce across all the different disciplines – and this was a first in Turkey. 

Shanahan Engineering subsequently brought to this project its long history of experience, excellence and innovation in safety, as well as its extensive team management experience-both of which are informed by Shanahan Engineering’s core values: Safety and Assurance, Relationships, Social Responsibility, People, Innovation, Financial Responsibility and Integrity.


The project attained at completion five million safe man-hours, something never before achieved in Turkey.

The ultimate project owner, RWE commented that they never would have though it possible to achieve such a high HSE standard on a project in Turkey, where HSE standards are still in their infancy. RWE also noted that the governing factor which brought about this achievement - 5 million free man-hours score in Turkey - was the uncompromising focus on safety of the Shanahan Engineering project HSE team.

RWE subsequently presented several awards to the METKA/ Power Projects HSE department to mark this achievement.