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case study

ICL Dead Sea

The Client

The Dead Sea Works is a business unit of the Israeli Chemical Company (ICL) located on the Dead Sea. ICL is a global powerhouse in fertilizers and specialty chemicals, fulfilling essential needs in three core end markets – Agriculture, Food, and Engineered Materials by utilizing an integrated value chain based on specialty minerals.

The power plant consists of a single gas turbine and generator, their associated ancillary equipment, bypass stack, heat recovery steam generator (HRSG), and one back pressure steam turbine generator which produces electrical power and the high and low‐pressure steam needs with total output of 230MW and 300 t/hr of export steam to the adjoining operational facility.

Plant Configuration:

  • 250 MW Multishaft CoGen
  • OEM: Siemens GT, Alstom ST, and Nooter Eriksen HRSG
  • Dual Fuel capability, with LP, IP and HP steam export to the adjoining brownfield facility.


Due to commercial difficulties and schedule delays with the original EPC contractor, the client identified a need for a third‐party consultant to engage on their behalf to perform due diligence reviews and prepare for possible replacement of the EPC contractor. Eventually, the EPC contractor was terminated by the client, and they required a third‐Party to manage the project to completion.

Upon recognizing the potential for a termination of their EPC contractor, the client requested a proposal from Shanahan Engineering to assist with Due Diligence reviews, and within eight weeks Shanahan Engineering had completed the reviews and had a Project Manager in place at the project site. Once it was determined that the EPC contractor was to be terminated, Shanahan Engineering had a team in place with processes and procedures established to deliver the completion of the project.


Shanahan Engineering provided a two‐phase solution to the Client's needs. Phase 1 included Due Diligence reviews and reporting construction oversight during the EPC contractor's presence on‐site up to termination. Phase 2 included managing all aspects of the construction completion, pre‐commissioning, commissioning, contract & compliance testing, and plant turnover.


Shanahan Engineering’s involvement meant the Client was successfully able to terminate the EPC contractor knowing the full scope of the remaining works and outstanding issues, while also successfully completing the project to deliver an opera􀆟onal plant that passed all the prescribed contractual deliverables around functionality, performance and handover.


"Shanahan Engineering brought a very strong management team to site along with their company processes and procedures. Their work was exemplary and executed to the highest standards of safety & quality. Our project got delivered on time with no outstanding claims or issues between both parties. We would have no hesitation in recommending Shanahan Engineering to other owners or contractors that would wish to procure their services."
Yossi Ron, VP Business Development, ICL Potash